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Jio Media Cable - Price in india, Availability, use and more

What is jio media cable?

 Jio media cable is a device which is connected to your jio phone and cast jio phone apps to the tv screen. You can stream videos from jio tv, jio cinema, youtube, etc. 

Jio media cable only works with jio phone 1 and jio phone 2. Jio media cable is a pretty cool device which helps to watch tv shows and movies directly on tv by just paying Rs 49 every month. 

There are many myths about jio media cable and in this post, I will tell you everything about jio media cable like when this cable will available to you, what will price and how you can use this cable.

Jio media cable variants

Jio Media cable comes in two variants one of them is for old TVs which works with audio video cable and second is HDMI cable. Both works similar there is only one difference between these two cables that is the output port.

 Jio media cable with HDMI cable will only work with Modern TVs with HDMI ports definitely this will provide better quality to you but on the other side you will get standard quality but you can use this cable with any tv.

Moreover, Jio media cable comes in two colors boxes red and blue. Cable with audio video cable comes in a red box and cable with HDMI port comes in a blue box. These colors help you to find out right cable for you.

Jio Cable Price

Jio cable price is not confirmed yet but it is predicted that jio media cable will cost around Rs 500. It will definitely cheaper than jio phone and also free to use. You have no need to pay any extra fees to use jio media cable.

From where you can buy jio media cable?

Jio media is only available for testing yet you can not buy it from stores. When it will available for the public you can buy it from jio stores and also from local shops. Like other jio devices, jio media cable will also available on online stores and also

When jio media cable will available?

According to jio customer care, there is no information about jio media cable like when it will launch 
but according to experts, it comes till next year or according to some others, jio media cable will never come because jio is planning to launch other tv services due to this jio is delaying the launching of jio media cable.

How to use jio media cable?

Jio media cable work by using your phone data. Jio media cable creates a connection between your phone and Tv.  Jio media cable works differently with different TVs

If you have old tv than you need a jio media cable with audio-video port and a jio phone with an internet pack because you can stream apps like jio tv jio cinema which requires internet to work.
After this, you have connected to your phone with jio media cable by using the micro USB port and in tv put yellow cable in video port and red cable in the audio port.

After this connect a power cable from a standard micro USB cable to give power to jio media cable. Now jio media cable will start working and take some time to setup automatically it will take longer in the first start.

Now open an application like jio tv or jio cinema and start a video now jio media cable will start that movie casting to your tv screen.

If you are using a tv HDMI port then you need to buy a jio media cable with HDMI port which will comes in a blue box.

First of all, connect jio media cable to tv by using HDMI port, now connect another side of the cable to phone and in micro USB port after this power, you jio media cable by using micro USB cable by using a tv USB port or a standard mobile charging adapter.

After setting up all cables turn on your tv now jio media cable take some time to set up. after this open jio cinema or jio tv and select a show or video. now you will notice that jio media cable start casting show on the tv screen.

Features of jio media cable

  • Jio media cable will help you to cast screen from your jio phone to your Tv in two different definitions one of the standard and another is HD.
  • It will cost you zero rupees to you. you just need an active internet connection on your jio phone
  • It will consume less data from your phone
  • Quality of photos will be better
  • Cost less as compared to your DTH box
  • It is a really handy device you can carry it with your self
  • Consumes less power as compared to a DTH box because it will work with a standard mobile charger.

Disadvantages of jio media cable

  • Quality is not that great
  • You can use until you have internet

Why Jio media cable is not available?

Jio media is not available in the market because of jio is planning to launch another tv service and jio want to earn more profit from that service as jio media cable need just single time invest so that less profitable for jio.

There are some use full links if you want to know more about jio media cable


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